Friday, 29 January 2016

Extended Tutorial: 3/12/15

In this tutorial I decided to change the teaser trailer to a pilot episode. This came to a conclusion with being able to submit the finished animation to competitions and if I wanted to, pitch to companies with my idea. However this will involve a lot of work to rewrite, to ensure that the plot was not only coherent but interesting enough. This will effect my overall schedule however I really want to try the best I can to make something amazing, and I think this project deserves more time spent on ensuring the story is coherent.

I immediately decided to focus on how the main character and Shadow first met, I felt that this was a good starting point and would allow me to focus on some points that I had already written about in my story development.

This would mean however that two characters that I had originally planned to include in my project would not have a role. I wanted these characters to be introduced gradually in the plot as the two main characters progressed. I asked Anna Picariello to design these companions, even though I told her of these changes, I still wanted these to be created so that I would be able to cameo them both in the background and use them after uni when I continue this project.

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