Thursday, 28 January 2016

Extended Practice - My initial plan

I want to make a teaser trailer that shows off the skills that I have learnt and refined over the past three years on this course. I am considering a teaser trailer due to the ease of being able to add everything into the animation, dialogue, fight scenes, drama, world building without the problems of ensuring that the whole 1min animation contains the entire hero's journey. It is also due to the time limit that is for this project, I am quite worried about making a completed finished animation that has colour, lighting and amazing body language. I want to show that I not only excel at the pre-production stage but animating and post production as well. In addition, I want to use the skills that I have learnt from my COP3 project and create a considered cinematography filled storyboard that will translate well into animation.

Last year at BAF Colin Graham, animator at Ubisoft, spoke about what he had in his showreel and portfolio. He crammed in as much as action and body language as possible to show his skills, to show how well he can animate to different actions and timing. I want to take this advice and fill my final animation with as much movement as possible and with finished colouring and shading.

With this motivation I will be creating my own original story that I could possibly take further after university if I wanted to.

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