Friday, 29 January 2016

Extended Research: Kyoung Hwan Kim

Kyoung Hwan Kim, a concept designer and illustrator, creates gorgeously detailed character designs, with a beautiful painted style to the colour. For my extended practice Kim's later and slightly simpler designs have influenced me with both the background and style of character. I love how simple, yet detailed the backgrounds are, particularly the bark on the trees and the light on the stone and leaves. I really want to absorb this style and develop it alongside with my own skills. I love these two designs below, the framing and use of power angles works so well, it incorporates visual storytelling as the audience wonder where these characters are travelling to.

The character design in these pieces look adorable, which is a trait I want in my designs, as well as to suit the young target audience. I really like the facial features in the human character, it absorbs a cartoony style that would work successfully for a young audience. I preferred the use of complete black eyes, initially I would avoid this as it can make the character look lifeless, however it works with the rest of the design. I think I will take this into my Hero design to make him look more western cartoon, and to stop myself from going straight into my normal style of illustration.
For my backgrounds, I need to make sure that the style and level of detail does not drown out the characters. Using a form of Kim's approach to the backgrounds, with the level of detail painted within the shape, should work successfully for my animation.

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