Friday, 29 January 2016

Extended Research: Over the Garden Wall

Over the Garden Wall is one of my, if not the most, favourite cartoon. I love the character and background design that is entwined with a beautiful dark plot. I love everything about this animation and even though there were only 10 episodes the plot ended successfully. Over the Garden Wall has heavily influenced my work through both design and storytelling.

The character design uses simple shapes which works for the main target audience of the show however the cuteness of the facial features aids the dark themes of the plot. With the character designs obtaining simple shapes, the detailed backgrounds compliments the character designs and vice versa. Having these characters stand out from the detailed background makes the scenario seem darker. I quite liked the combination of shapes for other characters in the show, it inspired me for not only the characters that I have created for my own extended practice but for Becky's extended practice as well, especially with the 'Goblin', I found it extremely difficult at first with the body shape.

Character Design by Mikkel Summer
The backgrounds are stunning. I love the use of the primary planes, the framing and awareness of space that each composition takes advantage of; the painted detail working with the aged theme that encases the whole animation. For my own extended practice I want to be able to absorb this use of composition, especially with the style of detail and use of primary planes that heighten the illusion of depth. I would love to absorb the painted style however in order to suit my own style I have to tone down and mix more strong lines with the composition.

Background Designs by Nick Cross
Over the Garden Walls animation works well with the theme and character design. The animation runs smoothly, taking into consideration of each characters personal traits, such as lingering on a pose for too long or subtle movements of the facial expressions. I really like this take on the character animation, especially with the features, which is something that I want to absorb with my main two characters. I want them to be able to communicate without the aid of dialogue, that will hopefully lead to humour. In particular I wanted to point out the animation for the Highwayman, the animation for this is extremely fluid, the impossible lens slightly added as the Highwayman leans into the camera. I love this motion it works well with the creepy character and works well with making the composition more interesting. 


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