Thursday, 28 January 2016

Extended Design: Designing the Shadow Part 2

From the sketches I used I first took a different Shadow design and redrew it in Photoshop. I quite liked this design as it included curved shapes, looked mischievous and innocent. However It looked too much like a pokemon from the hit cartoon/anime Pokemon. I tried different hue combinations for the design but I still didn't prefer this design.

I then went straight to designing the other Shadow design that I liked from the ink sketches, I added more shade to this design as this would be the approach I would want to take in the animation if possible. I really liked the design. It worked well digitally and would work well with the main character. I struggled with colour design, I couldn't think of what hue I wanted. I think this was due to designing the character in complete black fill in the ink sketches. After trying a few different designs I found one that I really loved. The hues consisted a navy purple hue and yellow/amber eyes which worked really well. I felt that the navy purple worked with the wispy shadow spirit character instead of using just greys which a shadow would normally consist of, however I wanted the characters to be as bright as possible to work with the target audience. I am really pleased with my final shadow design.
First version of Shadow
First version of Shadow

Final Shadow design with different colours

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