Thursday, 28 January 2016

Extended Practice: Organising time

My schedule continues from the COP3 monthly calendar, in particular from the January, I did work on extended during the COP3 module however I will now be focusing on Extended and PPP now that I have more time. I have included milestones which correlate with a gant chart that I have made for this project. I found that whilst working on COP3 module this monthly calendar was invaluable, it reassured me that I was on track with all modules that I am working on as well as hitting the milestones for the dissertation and practical work. With the extended module I want to dedicate days to working on this, breaking up the week with PPP days as to ensure that each module is as up to date as possible.

With the inclusion of the monthly calendar I also have a weekly calendar and two diaries to ensure that I am organised. In addition I have made a gant chart using the same basic layout as the one I made for COP3. I created a schedule based on the work that I had already achieved during summer as well as work that will need to be accomplished during that time. I have purposely given myself more time on each section to ensure that I will be up to date and hopefully less stressed.

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