Thursday, 28 January 2016

Extended Research: Concept Moodboard

Following my ideas on the story of my Extended Practice, I collected artists work and images together in Pinterest. I was heavily inspired by Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Over the Garden Wall, Samurai Jack and other backgrounds. I was particularly inspired by Sayaka Ouhito's work. I really liked the style of the backgrounds through the colouring, lighting and lines used. Even though the colour was simple the amount of detail was gorgeous and the framing of the composition worked well with the content of the piece.

Sayaka Ouhito's work reminded me of the backgrounds from Ni no Kuni in the mundane world. I loved Ni no Kuni for its beautiful 2D Studio Ghibli backgrounds combined with 3D additions from Level 5. I want to take the use of lighting from Ouhito's work alond with the amount of detail. As I would be making an animation, I may have to redraw the same background from a different angle, so I would need to ensure that the content of the backgrounds composition is not too complicated.
Concept research board

An example of Over the Garden Wall background
Sayaka Ouhito

Sayaka Ouhito
Ni no Kuni Background

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