Friday, 29 January 2016

Extended Design: Final Goblin Design

After mixing different parts of goblin designs from my sketch book I found one design which worked successfully, and I sent it to Becky for feedback. She loved the body proportions and the mischievous grin which was followed with stitches. I knew that near the end of Becky's Stopmotion, she wanted the goblin to tear itself apart, this idea of stitches should hopefully aid her with this action.

Once I had cleaned up the lineart, I started to add colour, I immediately went for the stereotypical green colour. When I asked Becky about colour she wanted to step away from the green and go to a light greeny brown. After a few attempts at getting the colour right, I finally obtained the right colour. This worked really well for the character and I'm glad that the shade isn't the green that is normally associated with goblins.

I then began creating the rest of the turnaround. I found the profile to be the hardest to draw correctly, it was the nose that was difficult as well as the pot belly. I didn't what the character to look too fat or just look like an unnatural bump. I overcame this problem by going back to my visual mood board on pinterest and asking for feedback from Becky.

Here are the final sheets of the Goblin. I really enjoyed designing this little guy. It was definitely a challenge compared to what I am used to drawing, especially the style. I loved making the different expressions and considering textures for the clothing. I thought the top could be made of hessian which would work well for the story that Becky has chosen. It would also be easy to make the hessian look worn by pulling parts of the thread in the material. Overall my most favourite part of this character design was the expression sheet, I loved designing different emotions for the goblin. I had fun moving the ears and pulling the mouth to extremes to create emphasised looks. 

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