Friday, 29 January 2016

Extended Story: Companions

At a maximum I wanted two other companions that would join the main character on his journey. I immediately visualised a timid character, a 'scaredy cat' and had no fighting skill but made up for it with intelligence. I wanted this character to be the logic and conscious for the main character. The main character likes shiny things, he collects them, whether that is buying or from finding treasure, however he is quite naive. Often the main character will think something is amazing and rare, which in reality is a piece of junk, the sellers know this and take advantage of this. This is where the first companion helps the main character, as well as stopping the main character from blindly following a lead for possible treasure. The villain companion will always try to make mischief for both of these characters, making it harder at times for the first companion to help the main characters. I want the first companion to not only be shy but oddly boastful when people compliment him, which results in rash decisions that the main character trusts, and the villain loves to add more mischief.

I wanted the second companion to be a warrior, a female who is uninterested in anything until a fight appears. When she is faced with a fight she turns into the most excited and hyperactive character, instantly switching back to her uninterested personality as soon as she has won.  I wanted to ensure that the main character stood out from the rest of the personalities, I didn't want the companions to drown out the main character. Having stated this, I believe that the contrast of personalities work well together and the main character still stands out compared to the companions.

For the design of the companions, I have asked Anna Picariello to design these characters as well as a few background characters for the teaser trailer I want to make.

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