Monday, 1 February 2016

Extended Research: Directing a Story by Francis Glebas

Directing the Story has been an amazing and inspirational read. Glebas goes through the types of storyboards, the use of structure and composition in a panel and the structure of a story, summarizing the Hero's Journey concept with a few examples. In amongst these pages is a storyboard that takes these elements, keeping the reader interested in the story. I really liked this addition, it was like Glebas was visually showing the reader how to use these techniques, how to apply them efficiently and use them to their advantage.

This book really helped me with generating ideas for my Extended project. With its summarizing key points on the Hero's Journey as well as linking to the composition and design of a character, how to make the character stand out etc, it really influenced how I approached my original story. I would thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who wanted to learn more techniques for not only storyboarding, but generating ideas for stories, layout design and designing.

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