Thursday, 28 January 2016

Extended Research: Villain

For the villain I really wanted the appearance to be much like a shadow, in which the shadow can shapeshift into different things, from objects to people. I want the villain to be quite mischievous and a trickster. I want the appearance to look cute, something that would be suitable for the young audience that I want to aim the teaser trailer for as well as this cute appearance being able to turn into something scary.

Using Pinterest as a visual research medium, I collected imagery from character designs in games, animations and folklores. I found the popular game pokemon to be quite helpful with the different shapes and takes on ghost monsters. Heartless from Kingdom Hearts through the shapes and the movements on the game

Shadow Pinterest board

Shadow Heartless
I quite like the movements of the shadow, they're very jagged and quite fast. I want to absorb parts of this movement, particularly with the jarred actions. however I need to ensure that I don't use too much of this as it could not work with the young audience. As I have narrowed down the villain to be a shadow/spirit/ghost like being, floating would be quite apt. Possibly merging these two actions could work for the character as well as the audience.

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