Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Collaborative brief and considering Project Report - notes

Collaborative brief - A creative response

You will be working as a creative partnership to create another outcome for one of the D&AD or YCN briefs - It must be submitted to the competition - may have to pay for submission depending on which brief you choose - don't forget the deadline for the brief you choose, could be earlier than others.

Choose a creative partner based on what you want to do, how you you help them and they help you to inform your practice? - Two heads are better than one however you will be assessed on your own individual process, how you document, communicate and evaluate your work etc.  You need to complete the contract so that both of you in your team, know exactly what areas you want to do, what you will do and promise to do. Alot of compromise and team skills.

Consider how many people are going to see your work - secret seven competition?
The content must be significant, it needs to be quality and quantity. Your ability to identify specific briefs - need to add more depth with the problems of the brief, how this brief can ultimately help you. Consider Project Proposals/Report - You need to start thinking about it, presenting all the work you have created in both individual and collaborative briefs. bear in mind that the tutors have not seen any of your work yet, so you need to explain what you have done and why you have done this, how has this helped you develop your practice?

A visual evaluation - An aid of all the important parts of your work and blog. What have you taken from this? Context, Product and Function. You know your briefs and they don't. Your ability to present without you standing there. You chose what is relevant to you. Needs to be presented in PDF format. Your project report as your last blog post. Will be the first thing that they will see when they come to assess your work. It is a story, a visual map of what you have done. It can be made through powerpoint etc as long as you export it as a PDF. Don't over complicate it, it is about the content, be precise with your point. If you feel that the development work is more important to you, then add it. You don't however need to show start to finish as that is essentially your blog. Show them in the real world, showing that this could happen.

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