Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Collaborative brief - Choosing a brief, continued

After analysing into the briefs that we both initially had some interest in, we looked into more briefs as we decided that the previous briefs would not work for what we wanted to create with the final outcome.

Can produce a video/animated content that must be shared online - purpose is to persuade small businesses to switch to Saga - two main parts to the brief, one to promote their payroll software - other is to promote accounting software - would need to be more like an infographic - would need to be saturated in facts and statistics - main audience would be businesses just starting out or quite small and need help with accounting - want to work alongside the accountants that they already have but use their software to aid them. Too plain and graphic based for the outcome that we want to create.

Ideas need to be faithful to the brand, encouraging loyalty - need to be commercially viable - think big - think creatively - this is an open brief - if studying animation can consider how you can 'bring our illustrative world to life' - a piece of communication - traditional - engagement - target audience 20 - 35 year olds - time poor, health conscious, have an appreciation for the arts. - Have more creative freedom compared to Sage - Sage is asking for more of an informative and infographic animation. Theme for this brief needs to show how it can communicate with the customer in daily life - show daily routines or how and where popcorn can be eaten? - not just the cinema.

We decided to choose the Propercorn Brief due to its creative freedom, the purpose of the outcome that it is asking for and its audience. Through this brief we both are confident that we can inform our practice further and make something that can be both submitted and used for our show reel,

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