Friday, 6 February 2015

Food Module:The brief notes

Deadline 15/5/15 14;30

Topic - cultural, social and ethical - documentary based

Demonstrate an informed understanding of issues relating to media, communication, audience and context through the investigation of animation - research into documentary animations (5A7)
Understand the potential and limitations of technologies and processes - solutions to identified problems. (5A8)

Needs to be between 1 to 2 minutes in duration with titles and credits - quality not quantity. When you have finished the film, make a poster, box art, press pack - encourage to work with graphic design for fonts and layouts.

You must document these are your own responsibilities to keep up to date.

Can approach it as a graphic documentary, animation, a recreation of real stories and interviews. Pitching the idea - you're not pitching yourself, you're pitching the work that you have done in your group. Pre Production and research needs to be completed for the pitch. Deadline 27th February.
You decide how much you want to show - what would be appropriate to show - this is what you are doing - we are doing this - I chose this etc, Consider the elevator pitch as a reference. Ensure that you fact check - animation tests - you will need concept art for this pitch.

Documentation - bullet point other peoples work - write about the dialogue you have with everyone - you're opinion on the work, be reflective - different views on the storyboards - always articulate what you are doing, concentrate on what you have contributed - what you have learnt and what skills you have developed.

At the end of the pitch - needs to be burnt to DVD

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