Sunday, 1 February 2015

Alice in Wonderland - Pitch Feedback

We were separated into small groups in which we would then pitch to the students we were set with. This felt like less pressure and a less formal approach to pitching compared to the daunting idea of pitching to the whole group. We had 2 minutes each to present our pitch to the students in our group, in which I didn't get alot of time to talk about my own pitch. As we had more people in our group I ended up quickly running through mine and talking about key things for the designs and briefly going through the informed practice board. I felt that this was something that I needed to develop on in the future, using the elevator pitch method as a basis to center my pitch around. The elevator pitch consists of the individual presenting their idea with in 20 seconds, stating the clear intentions of the work.

After the group pitches, we were then separated again into pairs or groups of three to analyse another persons pitchboards that we had not seen before and knew nothing about. I felt that this was good practice in finding the strengths and weaknesses within the pitch boards and absorbing this feedback into my own work. However as soon as we were told that we were to look at another individuals pitchboards I knew that I had made a mistake. I had not included any text on my boards. I wanted my boards to be a visual aid to stop myself from reading the text on the boards which is why I did not include text. However I felt that this has prepared me with in the design for pitchboards to include at least a summarizing paragraph to explain the content of the boards.

The feedback I obtained was extremely positive through both visual quality of work and how well the work suited the brief. Feedback from peers included the addition of text to help the viewer understand what the content is about, and also consideration of different compositions, showing more examples of the animation buttons. To also consider the colour scheme, as it is aimed at a young audience the addition of bright colours for the illustration page would work well. I felt that the feedback given was helpful in improving my work and locating my practice. My overall aim for the illustration page was to create a composition that was inspired by the original John Tenniel prints but with my own twist through the use of the character design and the structure.

I improved the boards by adding text to each of the pages which were short and direct to the point, I removed a few of the images so that the text would fit comfortably in the layout. I didn't want the design to be too clustered as with all of the original imagery, the addition of text made it too complicated and less aesthetically pleasing to the viewer. I also left the last pitch board involving my ideas for a password and interactive website as the feedback suggested that the brief didn't ask for these additions, it was something that I had done in my own time to take the brief further.

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