Monday, 2 February 2015

Alice in Wonderland - Final storyboards and possible website concept

Using inspiration from the thumbnail sketches I had created, I focused on the movement of Alice falling down the rabbit hole. I wanted the shots to be interesting with portraying Alice's journey, however I had to ensure that it was not too complicated for the primary target audience as they would lose interest if too many angles were used within the storyboard. I used mainly medium and long shots within the storyboard as to show the character in each frame, to both keep the viewers attention and to work with the action of her falling down the rabbit hole. I felt that the storyboards I had created worked successfully through the use of the neat lines and use of annotations that I added for the audience to be able to understand the movement and direction of the camera within each frame. I felt that the addition of Alice falling into the 150th anniversary worked successfully as the audience are able to focus on the main purpose of the brief; to create work for the 150th anniversary of the children's book, Alice in Wonderland.

I created a very rough possible website design using the background imagery from the book cover, to tie in the animation from the storyboard. I felt that the storyboard could be used as a stand alone animation or even merged with the web page. I wanted to show how Alice could possibly float down the page as the person scrolls down and at the end of the page, she falls into the logo. I felt that this made it more interesting for the primary audience to view, compared to the white and plain website that the company had made for the book so far. I also felt that the addition of interactive buttons would give something extra to add to the website, this could be in the form of flash buttons so the buttons would seem animated, could be the heads of characters or items relating to scenes of the book. I created a few examples for the pitchboards for the next pitch with my peers as even though this was not work that was asked from the brief it was something extra that gave it an interactive appeal for the audience.

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