Monday, 16 February 2015

Food Module - Narrative

For the narrative we discussed how we would be able to match the visuals alongside the dialogue that would describe the history of cake. The most popular idea was to show the background changing according to the era that the dialogue referred to and from this generated more ideas in which the main character could change clothes according to the cultural fashion of that time period; the change of appearance with the cake stand as well to further emphasis the transition of time. Rebecca researched into the history of cake in which we were able to narrow down to the key points of the origin that focused on the Egyptian, Medieval and Industrial Revolution eras. From this we were able to visually generate the main appearance of the backgrounds and style that the character would be situated in.

Main points of narrative:
- A boy would stumble across the cake stand
- Is greeted by the vender who talks to him about the history of cake
- As the history of cake is described the background and the clothing of the boy is changed to suit that particular era
- Items that are described in the dialogue will appear on the cake stand
- In the last historical scene, Industrial Revolution, the introduction of the steam train behind the stand triggers the action of a giant sponge cake to roll off the train and roll after the boy
- This transitions to the next scene as the boy runs of the screen, just as the sponge hits one of the items described in the dialogue, to then be propelled into the sky
- The sponge cake spins to show the sun on one side and the other being the moon, referring to the dialogue
- This turn of the sponge to the moon, would darken the background until it turns to black in which relates to the space time continuum scene
- Add in 'piece of cake' pun
- After the transition back to present day, the boy wonders to another stand
- Turns out the next stand, to do with desserts, has the cake stand man but wearing a mustache as the vender
- Leading to a possible next time fake episode

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