Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Food Module - Team work

I wanted to create an animation that would focus on improving my skills with storyboarding and concept art, I wanted to challenge myself and focus on a younger target audience and create an animated 'episode' like video that would be suitable and work with a theme much like cartoon network. I felt that this challenge would improve my skills through narrowing down the style and theme of the work that myself and team members would be able to create something for our portfolios.

For the applied animation, I wanted to work within a team, in which I knew would be the best choice to create something for each of us, to not only present at the end of year show but on our showreels as well as. Rebecca Wong and Anna Picariello wanted the same 2D cartoon network style outcome as I had visualised so we decided to work as a team for the project. Each of us had a specific role that they wanted to focus on within the brief:
+ Rebecca - wanted to focus on key animation alongside with helping in other parts of the production, such as concept art, audio and post production.
+ Anna - wanted to focus on the character design and props - help out with other parts of the production, clean up animation and 'on model' animation - making sure that the animation works with the character designs.
+ Myself - to focus on the storyboards and try concept art for the project, helping on other parts of the production, such as inbetweens and post production.

I look forward to working with my team as I know that both are well organised, time efficient, passionate about their work and most importantly, are fun and lovely to be with.

Here are links to Rebecca and Anna's blogs.

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