Tuesday, 17 February 2015


After deciding to work on the YCN Propercorn brief, we began to mind map ideas that immediately came to mind once reading the brief criteria. It was interesting as ideas that involved a world orientated around the product was one of the first ideas that was noted down, and from this we were both able to generate more ideas incorporating possible animation techniques. We both really wanted to merge stop motion and 2D animation together for the final outcome, however with the amount of time that it would take to create the set and props to then record the stop motion we decided not to continue with this technique; wanted to ensure that we delivered a good quality animation piece to the competition deadline.

After noting the ideas down on the mindmap, we then began to merge ideas together and refine the possible narrative. An interesting idea of having the world in the popcorn packet could have worked well, with the camera zooming into the packet after the consumer opens the packet, with a crazy world inside making the popcorn. The only criticism that we had with the idea was that the product placement of the packets would need to be on longer and I personally felt that this should be the ending. For example the audience see how popcorn is made in this different world to then zoom out and show consumers eating the popcorn, ending on the product placement. We both liked the idea of incorporating the use of the illustrations on the packet, possibly creating an environment depicted on the packet. For example, with the lightly sea salted flavour, have the sea waves crashing into each other as the camera continues to slowly pan in, until the audience see a boat which cuts to a sailor steering the boat before eating some of the Popcorn.

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