Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Collaborative brief - Choosing a partner and looking into briefs

I decided to team up with Alex Neild for the Collaborative Practice part to the module as we both know our skill sets and how we both work towards completing work. We had planned to work together to create a piece that would be worthy for portfolio and show reel content beforehand and we both felt that this brief would be a fantastic way to start a collaborative piece of work. I really like the movement of her animations and idea generation that Alex puts into her work, these elements create a finished outcome that not only feels realistic within the kinetic actions she creates but a finished story that is fun and is portrayed well to the audience. You can view Alex's work here.

To begin the module, we both brought 3 briefs that we thought could work well with both of our skill sets, looking into both D&AD and YCN.

Here are my notes on the briefs that we analysed:

Can create an animation/video up to the maximum of 2 minutes - target audience 14 - 24 age range - want to help shape their future for generations to come - Want the awareness of the natural world, what state it is in and will be in if they don't get the help they need - non for profit charity - want to highlight the responsibilities that each person has, everyone needs to help.

Can create an animation/video to promote the awareness towards education for girls, learning through technology - would have to create a name, identity, online presence and the launch of the campaign - feel like immediately this is alot of work to try and create alongside with making an animation which is not mandatory towards the brief. - possibly look at creating a ident for the cause for PPP - different subject matter compared to the rest of the briefs.


Alot of creative freedom - can create an animation for it -however they don't know themselves what they want from the final outcome - could possibly be hard to create something for the specific syfy brand that it requires - need to research more into this - gain inspiration - consider how we can twist this into something that can work for both of our practices.

Ident based on British culture - clear with target audience - use of action footage if needed - ident needs to 10 -15 seconds - preferable to add audio as would suit the audience more - needs to be attractive to their target audiences - is a youtube channel which is quite popular - based on documentaries that are like gossips and exposes, celebrity news etc - both didn't agree with the subject matter.

We looked into two of the briefs in more depth:

Chose any town - possibly make our own town? Add colour to the town that you chose - very community based - could start with a black and white scenery and then attack the image with splashed and streaks of colour - could possibly turn futuristic?

This brief has a lot of potential, a little bit too vague in places. Would need to research more into colour, its emotional definitions, possibly colours that relate to a city. We are able chose our own town, all about the local community, endorsing a positive change. There is however no clear purpose for the end outcome, just a constant reminder on how it needs to benefit the community, this could possibly mean a form of advertising for the local business of the town you chose. The chose your own town theme is contradicting in a sense through how hometown can be anywhere you think is your hometown even if you have never been there before - this would require field research and could be expensive with travel costs depending on the place that you chose. The deliverables however do not include any animation or video based content, just eight presentation slides to submit.

Decided not to continue to look at this brief due to it not containing an animation part to the deliverables which is ultimately what we are looking to create - could possibly complete this brief if we were to make the animation on the side as an extra part to the brief - the eight images being screenshots from the animation.

We Transfer
Portray yourself in 10 years - would be hard to create something as there are two of us in the group, however could either base it on each other or do a split screen showing both of our depictions of us in 10 years, much like 'Bad Day' music video by Daniel Powter - could use this for self promotion, make us think about what we want in the future - concept is key.

Even though the brief explains what they want, it is still confusing in what their purpose for this outcome is. You chose your own audience and have complete freedom with the style and setting of the piece. Choosing your own audience sounds strange, matched with the lack of purpose for the work, what is the companies target market? The deliverables ask for a submission of one print image, one illustration or digital piece either as one image or as a video (for moving image or interactive work). I feel like this could possibly be too much work as well as creating the animation.

Decided not to continue with this brief as the problems were too many and out weighed the positives, however this brief would have been suitable if we did not have to submit the outcome to the competition - would be able to take the strengths of the brief and take it outside of the box to inform practice further.

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