Saturday, 14 February 2015

Food Module - Narrowing down choice

Meeting as a team we compared research together, depicting the similarities of desserts that each of us had chosen. Interestingly, France and Britain were the most common similarities with our choices, the origin of the desserts mainly stemming from there. However we noticed as we were narrowing down the choice of desserts that showing ten with in the animation would take far longer than the target duration, especially with the debate of creating a recipe based content with facts. We thought about being specific with desserts, so only showing one type of dessert from a selected few European countries, however it didn't absorb any spark that could make it that much more interesting, it needed to attract the young audience.

Possible narrative:
- Thinking of narrative - how to present the animation - want to aim at a children audience.
- Most likely a voice over narration - needs to be very appealing to the target audience to keep them interested - family audience would be easier.
- Possibly a horrible histories take on the origins of the desserts.
- Introduction to the desserts - possibly to the start of eating something sweet in this instance honey going to sweets and ice cream then to the desserts we've chosen?
- Start with the very basic desserts which then stemmed to more intricate desserts - evolution of desserts?
- Someone eating at an ice cream parlour - goes from there
- Go with one basic running theme - cake - how cake has been used through out eras - chronological - can link to desserts that we have found. - started with vikings.

After noting down ideas on narrative we all decided to run with one basic dessert, either ice cream, cake, pastries etc, ones which had an expansive history woven into them. We found that the desserts that we researched had many varying interpretations of their origin, making the facts less reliable and not informative enough to be used with in the documentary animation that we want to create.

Going to focus on Cake:
- "Hey you? you wanna know where cakes comes from, well here ya go!" - reminds me of a car salesman, influences from the Futurama and The Simpsons parodies of documentaries, for example the global warming effects on Futurama - very 1950's stylised.
- Cheesy comedy - could be someone trying to sell cake to customer - turns to kid,  "hey you wanna know where cake comes from?" - can then design characters - cartoon network based - 1950's - could end with kid already gone with cake and seller still taking about cake not noticing the customer had already gone.
- Map like theme for all the cakes and then zoom in to take about it - pop onto the screen - research in depth on cake history - how it evolves - cake in the modern day?
- The kid character could dress up in the fashion of the era and culture
- Could end with the kid not wanting cake anymore and moving to the next stand which serves ice cream and the seller is also the owner of that stand - could lead to a fake next time episode which involves ice cream.

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