Sunday, 11 May 2014

Final animation

I believe that I have achieved my initial plan for the animation however I had to make a few changes since the layout of the storyboard. The storyboard originally fitted with in a 40 second animatic but if completely animated it would have lasted for longer than 40 seconds as I realised that each section of the storyboard would have at least been 4 to 5 seconds and needed an extra 5 seconds for the animated title at the end of the animation so before I started animating the final animation I knew I had to cut a scene from the animatic. I decided to cut the scene were the character engulfed by a cloak reading from a book should be taken out of the animation as the gate scene would work with transitioning into the girl turning scene, through the movement of zooming into the gate and having the following scene fade in.

I also changed a few scenes in design for example the girl turning should have been with in a portrait on an aged stone wall  however I found it more visually appealing with the landscape to be encased within the silhouette with a black background as to link with the rest of the animation sequence.

I also changed the ending title animation slightly through changing the font of the 'overture' to Times New Roman and having the text fade in. I changed the font as I felt that the script did not match with the animation however it does match with the aesthetics of the comic book, but for my animation it needed something that would like to the font of the text that ran throughout the animation. I felt that this worked better with the fade in animation and the fonts' kerning and tracking were equally spaced as to make the word easier to read.

Overall I enjoyed this project as I experimented with different techniques and processes, rotoscoping and After Effects, in which I became more confident with both and I made a title sequence that matched with the comics audience, mature audience, and the theme of the comic as well.

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