Saturday, 10 May 2014

Progress so far and True Detective title sequence

Through the feedback from the Interim Crit, I added the textures and backgrounds to the outlines which worked well with both of the landscape and character moving at the same time. It gave it that distressed and eerie feel to the design that matched with the surreal theme of the animation. I also edited the turn of the girl which ran and looked more aesthetically pleasing than the previous version of the movement, the addition of the landscape worked as it gave depth and colour to the composition making it more interesting to the viewer.

For both of the beginning animations I was going to add landscapes to them, however it looked to cluttered and complex with the lack of white with in the outline and I thought about having the black background as the landscape however it wouldnt transfer well into the next following scenes, so I decided to use just the watercolour wash as the moving background with in the character. I felt this worked really well as you could see the watercolour moving in the lineart which worked as the character moved and it complimented the scene rather than cluttering it.

I recently watched True Detective which was an amazing show and became really inspired by the opening through the use of the multiple exposure like designs with in and surrounding the outlines of the figures. It reminded me of the style of animation that I was trying to achieve and it helped me with thinking about timing and space for the inclusion of text and the addition of a vignette to tie a focus to the animation.
I really liked the use of the subtle movement of the character and along with the movement with in the landscape, it made it seem quite surreal and distorted which matches well with the theme of the show.

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