Saturday, 10 May 2014

Animation so far - Interim Crit

For the interim crit I managed to be near completion with the main animation parts, apart from a few tweeks such as transitions and the movement of the girl turn, addition of landscapes and gate. I added the audio that I had collaborated with Harry Bates, who is studying Music at York St Johns university. Adding the audio made the animation tie together, with the movement with in the animation and the swoosh sounds with in the audio as it matched the ending disappearance movement.

I wasn't too sure with the addition of the landscapes so I only had one scene where the landscape would be involved to ask peers what they thought of the landscape. Feedback from peers thought that the landscape was a good addition as it worked well with the scene however the landscape was abit too vibrant to contrast with what was happening in the scene and lowering the opacity of the landscape would solve this problem.
Another scene I wasn't sure about was the girl turning as her torso seemed to be growing and then decreasing in size, which I solved through feedback by making the torso extremely small to begin with to make the turn run more smoothly.

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