Saturday, 10 May 2014

Deciding on the title animation

For the title I first looked at the comic title which incorporated Victorian banners and various script fonts. I thought about having the script being animated as if it was just being written and then have the banner slowly fade in with the opacity key points in After Effects. However I didn't think it would work well with the ending scene where the character disappears as his hand moves, I wanted the text to appear as the character disappears and to go with the style of the character, it needed to be thicker, and tall to match with the font that would be used for the copy amongst the animation.

I created the text of  'Sandman' in Photoshop using rough guidelines and imported the file into After Effects which would allow me to animate the text easier and more efficiently. I originally had the text fade in and follow the movement of the hand in the ending sequence of the animation, however it didn't work well the composition as it look to stationary and placed, so I thought of other ways to animate the title.
I first faded in the text and then zoomed into the text, having the rest of the text appear as if it had been written. I felt that animation of the the text of 'sandman' worked really well, working with the fading appearances of some of the scenes in the animation however I didn't like the 'overture' animation. I thought it was too slow, so after speeding up the animation of the 'overture' and moving the overture slightly more to the left, I still didn't think that it worked with the animation of the 'sandman'.

I decided to leave the after effects text animation for now as I really wanted the text to appear as the hand in the end sequence moves across the screen. I thought about adding fragments as if the text would be appearing alongside with the disappearance. I animated a few frames with this idea to see if it would be worth carrying on however I really did not like the effect, it moved too fast and the text was too stationary compared to the rest of the animation, making it not aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I removed the wisps, to see if having just the text appear would work well, however again the text was too motionless and felt like it had just been placed, not working well with the whole composition.


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