Monday, 5 May 2014

After Effects - the shatter tool

I wanted to see if I could create a better disappearing transition on one of the character movements rather than one which I would create on photoshop. I decided to look at the effects on After Effects the Shatter tool could work with my disappearing effect.

Using the shatter tool allowed me to select the part of the image that I wanted to fragment and in which direction the segments would be thrown into. The amount of force and size of the shatter could be easily changed and a texture could be added. It was easier to see this in the wire format as to see what would be affected. By moving the direction of the force I would be able to change the appearance of the shatter, so that it would resemble something that would look as if the character is breaking apart and disappearing.

I used an image from google images to practice the shatter tool and to see if I would get the disappearing effect that I wanted. I wasn't sure whether the shatter tool was right as it seemed to distort the image at an angle and isolate parts of the image and break them away, which I wanted all parts to move at the same time.

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