Sunday, 4 May 2014

Audio for titles

For my titles animation, I wanted a sound that would work well with the ambiance of the comic theme, but something that would not emphasise too much as to sound like a horror genre.
My main inspirations for the audio where from the television series, Hannibal and Luther. Both of which held a thriller atmosphere to the plot and I felt that the audio to the opening titles would work well with the theme of Sandman Overture, with dream like visions, illusionary etc.

The Hannibal title holds more of a soundscape like track, seeming eerie with the lack of striking sounds as it fades and stays at a varying low pitch and then slightly crescendos to high pitch. I felt that this could work with the animation due to the imagery and the use of outlines rather than detail and facial features within the character.

The Luther title is completely different to the previous as it incorporates more of a tune in the sense of lead instruments and vocals. I took influence from this audio through the introduction of the track with the xylophone, I quite liked the gradual increase in the pitch, it made it seem eerie but surreal.

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