Sunday, 11 May 2014

Making of The Eagleman Stag

Mikey Please created the stopmotion The Eagleman Stag in 2011 using stunning models created out of polystyrene and a material that he found from the back of an old couch.

The whole set of the stop motion is bathed in white with lighting that makes the atmosphere turn with the slightest shadow or tint. Interestingly some of the models also use the same type of armatures that I made during the ceramics workshop, while others were made surprisingly huge to get the detail of a zoom in and were moved with a more complicated design of an armature.

One of the scenes involves the character in a long shot running, the character ran by having three pieces of wire attached to it, one to each arm and another at its neck connected to the torso. Please moved these limbs by using this hands to move the arms and his mouth to move the last one, I found this really intriguing as the movement of the character worked really well and felt realistic with the emphasis and characteristics to the run.

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