Sunday, 11 May 2014

Premiere adding audio

When adding the audio I encountered a problem with it syncing to the right movements of the animation, the gate creak started after the gate was opening and the swoosh of the audio started after the hand of the ending sequence had finished. As the audio was 43 seconds long, I trimmed 3 seconds from the beginning and moved the audio to the start of the animation, it worked for the syncing of the swoosh movement but not for the gate scene. I then imported the audio again and this time trimmed the part with the gate creak from the main audio; also trimmed the swoosh from the main audio as well.

I then expanded the beginning of the audio towards the gate scene and placed the gate creak that I trimmed into the timeline so that it synced with the gate moving in the animation. I did the same process with the swoosh audio however after the swoosh, the audio abruptly cuts. To fix this I used key points to fade out the audio so that it would run smoother with the animation.

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