Sunday, 11 May 2014


Zealous Creative are a stopmotion/puppeteer company that create beautifully stunning short films, and advertisements and are well known for their piece "The Maker".

I particularly found their piece "Zero" interesting as the armatures for the models were different compared to the ones that I had made during the ceramics workshop. They first created clay prototypes using a polystyrene ball to create a perfect circular head, this prototype was then used as a mould for a cast for the rest of the armatures. The final puppets were created using the same process as the prototypes but wrapped in thread to create the rag doll/voodoo doll characters. As more than one model was created different versions were created as well, as for the walking scenes and main movement of the characters the models needed to be able to move, so they used clay for the main body and wire for the limbs. 

I found it interesting as the beginning scene of the short film used the same process as the task we were given, making one shape turn into another. The task given was really helpful as it aided me when thinking about animating and drawing, making me break down the stages and inbetweens of when a shape would turn into another.

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