Sunday, 11 May 2014

Premiere Process - new title

I found using Premiere to add text to the animation was easier than after effects, as Premiere allows me to edit the characteristics of the text more efficiently, as well as matching well with the audio, which I will add via Premiere as well.

To add text to Premiere, I first created a new title - default still - I chose default still so that it would be easier to add a fade in and out key points to the text, using a default roll makes the text move vertically across the screen and default crawl makes the text move horizontally.

The title window helps with deciding what font, editing the characteristics of the font, eg the kerning, tracking and height of the font, and adding strokes or different fills etc. I was inspired by the True Detective opening sequence with the thin simple font they used for the text, which I wanted to incorporate in my animation. I decided to go with the default font, as I tried American Typewriter, Selfish, Tahoma, but they didn't hold the same properties as a thin and simple font. I altered the default font by editing the kerning, tracking and leading of the font, making it slightly wider and narrower than the original default font.

I was able to add the fade in and out key points through the effects control menu, using the opacity for the key points. I thought about having the text move in  position as the animation moved but it seemed too cluttered and too much to concentrate on among the animation of the characters and the movement of the landscape beneath it.

After adding the title to the timeline I was able to ensure that the text would fit into the frame, however the font was huge and took over the frame, I solved this by scaling the title down by dragging down one of the top corners of the selected piece and held down the shift button to ensure that the scale would be in proportion. Adding the opacity key points however was difficult as for the duration that the text would be shown the opacity effect made the text appear to flash. To solve this I had to increase the duration of the text and move the key points further apart and closer to the edge of the start and end of the composition.

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