Saturday, 11 October 2014

OUAN504 Character and Narrative - Acting Up

The new brief requires the animation to be 3-D, created in Maya or other 3-D software, in which a pre made rig will be animated along to a recording of a set of lyrics, with at least one prop. As the module is 30 credits, compared to the modules last year which were 20 credits, this module will require a wider breadth of work, including designs and evaluative outlooks on animations and animators.

Module notes:
+ Primary and secondary research, including references, magazines, blogs and books
+ Consider the audience - record the set of lyrics to change the target audience?
+ Problem analysis - show how you overcame any problems, for example animating in maya with the key frames - accidently move the rigging rather than the actual limb - show how you solved this
+ Develop a higher level of skills in recording, responding, presenting and evaluating
+ Evaluations need more context and depth to the structure, maximum of 1000 words, ensure not to use a chronological formation of paragraphs
+ State what technology/software/media works well and why - why is this media appropriate, what does it represent to the audience?
+ 50% of the module is research and development (5A5, 5A6, 5B4)
    - Can consider the use of other 3-D software, what are the differences, how will this help in the production of the animation? Think about how different lyrics will affect the animation, compare a few with ideas of narrative.
    - Given a character to animate, focus on the animation, show and understand the rigging, understand how to model in Maya. Narrative through body language and facial animation, lip syncing, imagine a mime acting out a scenario.
+ Pre production - Production - Post Production
   - Pre production, designing, mind maps, word association, choosing/comparing lyrics, target audience, storyboarding narrative, camera shots, consideration of props.
   - Production, animating the rig
   - Post Production, adding recording, rendering, evaluation

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