Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Visualising Sound

Three Sounds Visualised from Simon Russell on Vimeo.

I was finding it difficult to animate the sketches I had done for the shapes and colour format I had portrayed the five sounds with, I couldn't visualise its movements, apart from simply moving the shape across the screen. I researched into examples of other works that animators had experimented with sound and I found Simon Russell's work. He experimented with three different sounds that lasted for about 10 seconds each, with each sound using colour, gradients and shapes. It inspired me through how he used the triangular shapes as a representation for the exploding sound and the lines wobbling to show the descent in the audio.

Visualising Sound: Volume from Megan James on Vimeo.

I researched more into visuallising sound and found this video that used water with in a speaker to show the shapes of the audios vibrations. The purpose of the installation was to create interaction with the audience as it relies on the audience to create sound to view the shape of the audio.
I found this really intriguing through the shapes that the water made, it reminded me of a mountain landscape and it inspired me through the waves it created with in the liquid, how as the crescendo increases, the water becomes violent.

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