Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Spaces & Places task

Where are you drawing?
I chose Leeds Christmas Market, York Christmas Market and Pickering Castle as my three places to observe and draw. 

Why have you chosen these places? What are you expecting to see, What is of interest to you?
Leeds Christmas Market - I chose this place as it is a market that only appears for one month every year and I wanted to document it before it would be taken down. I find the individual stalls with in the small house like structures interesting with their stock that are like trinkets, made of glass and very christmas orientated.
York Christmas Market - I chose this place as I have never been to the York christmas market before and wanted to compare the different visual outlook with the Leeds Christmas Market.
Pickering Castle - I have never been to this castle before and have always loved visiting places such as this as I love the unique look of the structure, how the once magnificent architecture has crumbled and decayed, with nature growing and engulfing it. I love the history behind the architecture and the Gothic structure to the arches of the doors.

What do you think you are going to draw there?
I want to draw detail, the mould on the bricks, the rust on the exterior of a door, the perspective of the scene that I can see.

How are you going to draw?
I want to draw with graphite, to sketch what I can see and interpret it into my style with as much detail as I can.

What media are you going to use?
I feel that watercolours will definitely be one of the main media for its subtle and soft texture that it adds to the object, it brings the sketch to life, gives it definition and a personality whether its through small cracks of ware and tear or mould that has begun to cover and engulf the object.
I will use other media such as fineliner and colouring pencils to add a different view on the image.

What about light, shadow, colour, texture, shape and perspective? How can these be used as storytelling devices?Light and Shadow are a necessity to add volume and depth to the object, and the aid of colour and texture can help to give a tactile appearance which becomes aesthetically pleasing to the viewer. Perspective has always been a challenge for me, so I want to try to draw the surroundings in different perspectives to try and grasp a basic understanding.

Are there famous/infamous stories about the spaces that you already know?
I don't know any stories about the Leeds Christmas market which I have already been to, neither the York Christmas Market which I have yet to go to, however I researched into Pickering Castle which I have yet to visit.  Pickering Castle is a 13th century motte and bailey castle and was apparently founded by William The Bastard during his campaign in 1069 -1070 in order to control the local population as well as defend his territory. And his son, Henry I, lived in the castle. (source -

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