Friday, 3 January 2014

Initial Ideas (Process and Production)

For this new brief, I needed to create an animation that used one of the following elements, fire, air, earth and water as the subject and theme. The final animation being 20 seconds long at 12 fps.
 I first began creating a schedule in which I would use as a rough guideline to work from, in order to balance work from other projects as well as this one.

I then immediately wrote down words which I felt related to each element, in order to gain inspiration and think differently in how to portray the element with in the animation.

 From these words, I was able to piece them together to create initial ideas for my animation, which I then could begin to create rough storyboards. I found the water and earth ideas the most interesting as I could visualise characters and movement in which it would involve.

However I found it easier to generate ideas for water and fire as I felt it would be the easiest to portray, through the sea or a volcano, so I gained inspiration for each through primary photography and a book which I found in the Library, Elemental Magic by Joesph Gilland. This book was so informative and aided my thinking of how the movement of the elements actually move, they move in a swerve like fashion much like how a flag moves with the wind. From this I began to draw water and fire with in the flag like motion.

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