Friday, 3 January 2014

Research into Water

I looked into imagery that depicted moving water, in both photography and cartoon portrayals. These moving images gave me inspiration into how a body of water moves, what changes as something interacts with it, such as a splash or a ripple. I found that the sea moves with a main solid wave in one direction with the light reflecting the ripples as the water moves. Still water reminds me of a sheet of glass as the light reflects the imagery surrounding it. It gains an almost threatening look as it stays silent and dormant.

Looking at the Spirited Away gifs of the train moving through the water, causes the water to move, showing the water collide with the front of the train and almost move around it, leaving sprays and ripples as it speeds through. Rain however moves in one direction, creating a small splash and ripple as it collides with a surface, for example rain on a window smashes against the glass and slowly runs down the pane. Droplets of water move significantly slower than rain and have a longer anticipation before it drops from the surface or object, for example an umbrella.

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