Sunday, 5 January 2014

Initial storyboard vs Final storyboard

I created four initial storyboards, one for all of the four elements, using one initial idea from each. I made a storyboard for each element as to make sure that I would definitely want to take a certain idea on and that I would enjoy making it.

The idea needed to be expanded through more content to give
the animation more of a aesthetic appeal and for the audience to
understand the plot. 20 seconds would be too short for the story.
This storyboard works well with room to add more scenes.
I feel that this would also work with being able to develop my style of drawing with in animation.
This story is simple and has room to add more scenes to the animation
 and to improve my digital style of drawing with in animation.
I feel that this storyboard would work well for all ages of audience.
This storyboard is too complex for 20 seconds of animation.
 As the story holds delicate and detailed illustrations as well
as the story portraying the dream of the girl underwater.

The final storyboards are of the fire element, in which I developed with more detail and more thought about the angle and secondary movement of the character.
I felt creating the storyboard again helped me to create a more solid storyline in which I could add more frames of the character walking, or losing his hat for a slight second as the wind becomes more violent on his walk home.

I began to think about how the wind would react with the character, such as the hair, scarf and clothing moving along with the wind direction. I thought about the angle in which would be best to portray the character in the frame and what line would be best to show the movement of the fire.

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