Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Walk Home

Here's my final animation which has been tweeked through feedback I gained in the group Interim presentation. With this feedback I edited the glow and shadows of the fire, which I moved with the fire and embers, and I added the titles which I used a still image with the title of the animation. I then removed the song at the end of the animation as I felt this part of the audio did not suit the animation, so I left the animation with just an audio track of sound effects. The song felt wrongly placed as only 4 seconds of the song could be heard and I believe it would have worked better if it ran for the duration of the animation if added.

The mother at the end of the animation still feels like she is sliding in which I need to improve on in my next animation. I need to consider arcs and different perspectives to show the movement of an action, which I can gain through researching into animators and referencing.

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