Sunday, 5 January 2014

Different Animatic's

Looking at other animatics for music videos and cartoons, gave me inspiration through how the timing of each frame was portrayed and slight parts of the video were animated, this can be seen in the Avatar animatic.

The Gorillaz animatic gave me inspiration through the transitions of the frames, the movement as it zooms into a close up, the use of onomatopoeia for the actions and the audio that is played throughout to see how it fits with the music track.

The Adventure Time animatic gave me inspiration through the slight movement of the characters but using still images to determine when the character would speak and move. This helped me to think about the timing of my animation and how I would incorporate my movement with the audio track I would eventually use.

The Avatar animatic was more detailed in animation through how every action moved and showed a rough draft of what the animation would look like. Even though the animatic animation was more complex than my own it inspired me through how the movement of the flames and the action of the debris from the rocks helped to emphasise the strength and power of the force behind the element.

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