Sunday, 12 January 2014

Monotaro Vs Mickey Mouse 1936

The animation Momotaro Vs Mickey Mouse was created as propaganda to manipulate the Japanese public to be motivate the military forces to invade America.
Momotaro is a beloved character from a Traditional Japanese folktale, Momotaro Peach Boy, who was portrayed as a hero and dedicated his life to ridding the world of demons with the help of his friends. In the Japanese propaganda, Momotaro was often the main character, the hero and the Americans being the demons that Momotaro takes care of. However in some interpretations Momotaro is said to portray the Japanese government and the cute animals and dolls being the Japanese public. The idea of these cartoons were to show the public how Japan would get rid of the wicked, Momotaro being the perfect mascot for which.


In the animation Mickey Mouse, a famous and loved children's character from Disney, was used to portray America and given a vicious portrayal through the use of jagged teeth and glaring eyes as he flies through the sky on these monster like bats, which an army of crocodiles and snakes with him. Momotaro appears from a book and manages to beat Mickey Mouse by opening a box, which turns Mickey old and ancient as as he walks away, the characters laugh at him.

The animation itself is set in a monotone and lineart fashion using pose to pose to create the movement, and
was animated by Yoshitsugu Tanaka, who is better known for his postwar animations. The frames are used more than once and is quite primitive however it was created to make the public to motivate the military against America. Some of the movement is jagged, for instance the movement of the wings on the bat that Mickey uses to shoot bullets at the main character. There isn't alot of thought with the anticipation of the characters action, which needs to be shown before the main action, for example the battle scene with Mickey and Momotarto.

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