Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Chosing Audio and Copyright

Audio is essential for my animation, as not only is it required, but it will make the animation seem less empty, pulling all the elements together.
I could visualise straight away that I wanted sound effects in my animation, however through group feedback, I was told to consider adding an ending song, as to show that the character has arrived home and to emphasise the comfort of the fire compared to the harsh coldness outside. Choosing a song that had that warm feel to it was hard to find, I found it difficult as the ending song would only last for 4 seconds, so whatever I chose and thought might fit, would still need to be faded in and out, meaning only 3 seconds of the music would be heard.

I decided to take the ending audio away from the final animation as I did not think it suited the animation, and believed that the sound effects of the fire would work better than the current ending theme.

For the audio in this animation, I first recorded the sound effects myself, such as the wind, sigh and the sound of the fire. However all of these were not good quality but I did manage to save the sigh sound and use it in my final animation. In future I need to use equipment that will give me a good quality recording such as a digital recorder or recording in the sound booth.
I needed to find the rest of the sound effects, so I looked on Youtube, and sites which offered free audio such as Free Music Archive. Using audio from Youtube required for me to ask permission to use the audio if used commercially and in mass distribution of the audio that would be used, whereas the Free Music Archive uses a Creative Commons Copyright, which allows the user to share and reuse.

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