Sunday, 12 January 2014

Snow test

I wanted to see whether After Effects would be better for animating the snow that occurs during the animation sequence; I quickly tried with Photoshop frame by frame process but I wanted to experiment with After Effects to see if it would be a more sufficient technique.
The Photoshop Frame by Frame process would work well however with my initial attempt I knew that I would need to slow down the snow and create more on separate layers to stop it feeling so uniform.

However on the program After Effects, it was easier to create the snow shapes and move the snow in overlapping directions, covering the all of the frame with snow. It felt less jagged and random in movement compared to the Photoshop version.

I created the snow by first importing the video through the Edit menu and adding it to the composition, where I then created a shape layer through creating the snow shape, an ellipse shape with a 6 pt grey stroke.
I then duplicated the shape with in the same layer by holding down the alt key whilst dragging the shape with the arrow key, (shortcut - hold down v ) I then grouped the shapes together using the short cut Ctrl + G, which made it easier to manage my layers. Using the transform options, I was able to use the position option and move the anchor point of the group, which will move the group gradually down the frame during the duration of the start and end key point of the position transform tool.


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