Sunday, 8 March 2015

Kingdom Hearts: Photoshop development

After scanning the design into photoshop, I used the pen tool to outline the scan however as I was adding the points to the image I slightly changed the position to make the lines work more successfully with each other, as the pencil marks in some parts of the composition did not translate well through the scanned image. Using the same technique as the Kiki's Delivery Service design in regards to the block fill for the silhouette appeal, I first selected the limited colours that were iconic to the character and began to block fill the colours into the line art. I wanted this silhouette to be more complicated than the Kiki's Delivery Service design as I wanted to experiment with how much detail that can be added for it to suit the audiences preference in design. I found that too much detail, like the second Space Dandy design I submitted to the sight, would not work well and so far I have found that a simple silhouette, the Kiki design, has been the most successful but what about the half way point? How successful would a silhouette with added detail with block colour be on the Qwertee site?

After adding the block detail to the design, the design immediately was recognisable with the character that I had chosen to draw from the Kingdom Heart series, Sora. I found that without the detail the character is lost and is not easy to depict who the character is for the audience. As the added detail did not have any defining detail, the use of black to show a more intricate depiction, the silhouette like design did not seem cluttered. I noticed that one of the arms on the design looked broken from the sharp elbow bend which did not seem to connect to the shoulder very well. In order to fix this problem I selected the layers in which contained the parts of the arm and used the lasso tool to pinpoint the area that I wanted to change. I then used the transform set to rotate and position the arm so that the bend in the elbow disappeared. I found that this worked better than the previous design as it now gave me a change to add the weapon in which the character is always seen with and is another iconic part to the series.

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