Sunday, 8 March 2015

Kiki's delivery service: Development part 2

I developed the flying design further from the previous sketches by using poses that incorporated the flying dynamic in different ways. In the first design I wanted the pose to be looking at the viewer, as if involving the audience giving it that aesthetic appeal that the animated feature does for the character. However the way that the main character Kiki was sat on the broom did not work well and the addition of the folds of her dress made it seem as if she had short legs. I believe that this design would have worked if the broom was shown more and the back leg was drawn in a slightly different perspective and position to show that the leg was on the other side of the broom. I decided to not develop this design further as it did not hold that dynamic movement that I had wanted, this design did show movement from the position of the hair and the dress however the position of the broom did not help to enhance this movement, it looked as if she was floating rather than moving.

I took this further by portraying the illusion of movement with the character on a profile with both hands on the broom to make it look as if she was focusing on flying, along with the movement of the hair and dress to make it seem as if the wind were causing them to move. I particularly liked the top left design as it looked as if she was darting through the sky which is the effect that I wanted to create. I felt that the position of the broom worked through the jaggedness of the straw and the addition of Jiji clinging onto the back of her dress as it worked with the as it emphasises the idea of movement. The last page incorporated a different pose of the main character flying through the position of the broom and the angle in which she was facing as the previous designs were all profile and orientated to the left of the page. I quite liked the angle that the pose was in as it was different and this pose could work well on a t-shirt if it was translated into a silhouette design through how the figure, broom and cat can easily be shown with one colour; easy to see the figure. This pose was not as kinetic compared to the previous page, however the style and movement within the hair and clothing worked successfully.

I decided to develop the second page design to photoshop for the t-shirt design through the help with peer feedback. The feedback was very constructive and chose the second design through the movement that was shown within the image and how well they could visualise the composition in a silhouette style whereas the other design would have to have some detail to be able to capture what was aesthetically pleasing within the composition. I agreed with the feedback as the facial expression on the last design is ultimately what made the design appealing and would be lost if it was made into a silhouette.

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