Monday, 2 March 2015

Food Module: Group Schedule

Rebecca made a group schedule for the module, it really helped to consider and plan ahead with the work that I personally had to do for the project, and to see what parts of the project would need to be completed before we could continue with the next stage of production. Rebecca gave extra time for the voice actor to be discovered and to record, as there will most likely be more than one take on the voice acting to ensure that the personalities of the characters are brought to life with the emotion in their voices.

I felt that I would possibly need more time on the storyboards, with the final edits and cuts through how many sheets I would have to draw for the animation, however for the interim crit I could at least produce rough thumbnails of the storyboards to create an animatic for the presentation, so that the peers would be able to see the idea of the narrative for the overall animation. We needed to produce this for the interim crit so that we could get feedback on the narrative, ensure that it works with the target audience, and that the world we had created would work successfully for the animation.

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