Sunday, 8 March 2015

Kingdom Hearts: Placement of crown and adding shadows

Before I realised that the arm needed to be edited, I quickly considered the layout in which the design could have on the t-shirt. I wanted to include a crown as a background for the character to stand out against as in my earlier sketches the use of the crown was the most successful layout design. I immediately knew that the crown had to be relatively large to be able to be noticeable and work with the character design, however I wanted to make the crown standout from the character a bit more rather than seemingly to be stuck to each other; appearing to be flat. I first experimented with the addition of shadow cast from the character onto the crown design, I felt that it worked quite well, however if it was to be printed onto a black t-shirt the shadow would be lost compared to a lighter t-shirt. I moved the shadow up slightly to see how it would effect the image and I found the shadow to be too much, it was too black and it stood out more than the character as the viewers eyes were immediately attracted to the only black part of the composition. I then thought about a shadow for the crown instead, using the darker blue of the palette I had chosen. I found that this experimentation did not work as well as I had visualised, it did bring another element to the piece, appearing to add a foreground and background but ultimately it did not work with the rest of the composition. I decided to leave the use of a shadow as from these initial layout tests, it made the piece seem cluttered. 

Without a shadow

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