Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Food Module: Script

As our animation would be dialogue heavy that would include the information of the history of cakes, Rebecca wrote a script for the animation in which I was able to create a storyboard using this script as a basis for the actions and camera angles for the short. The script was very well written, with the dialogue clear and easy to understand which will work well for the target audience. The dialogue added the quirky and cheesy humor which we wanted the cake stand man to absorb and present himself with to the audience, whereas johnny would portray the majority of his emotions through a visual portrayal through emphasis with both the expressions and body language. To be able to transcribe this into a storyboard, I started with writing small notes on how the beginning of the animation would appear, working in humour to the visuals to add to the appeal of the dialogue. I felt that this was part of the job that I had been given as the storyboard artist, to be able to add and enhance the atmosphere of the action and dialogue given within the scene.

For the beginning of the script I altered the actions slightly by making the cake stand man fall out of the tree and through the cake stand roof in which he would then quickly stand back up and dust himself off, straightening his bow or tie before introducing himself to Johnny, the main character.
I felt that this worked better compared to the original in which the cake stand man would fall out of the tree and straight into a bush to then greet the main character. The action of him falling through the roof gives further little actions in which pieces of wood could be stuck in his hair or a branch/leaf in his mouth in which he would then spit out whilst he composes himself. I also felt that composition wise for the scene the use of the cake stand man being inside the stand to begin his introduction to both Johnny and the audience had to be in the cake stand, to show that he was the vender for that stall, in which he could then step out and talk more to the main character. However in order to portray his quirkiness and how tall he was compared to Johnny, I first visualised the cake stand man to have to lean in closer to boy over the counter in which he then disappears and the stand then changes slightly to fit with the scenario that the dialogue describes and gives information on the cake with in that era. I felt that this was a nice transition to the next scene as it doesn't allow the audience to see the background until the main character does.

Another change that I altered slightly was the transition from the space time continuum back to present day. I felt that I could use the quirkiness of his character with his actions as he prances and spins across the frame can link with the change for the background, in this instance as the cake stand man spins the background begins to show through the space time continuum background until the cake stand man disappears off screen in which Johnny takes advantage and wonders to an ice cream stall.

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