Sunday, 8 March 2015

Kiki's delivery service: Photoshop stages

After scanning the design into Photoshop, I unlocked the background layer by double clicking on the layer and created another layer which I had filled with a shade of blue underneath the scan. As I was using white for the skin colour I needed a background in which I would be able to see the blocks of white as I was designing the composition. With the design being a silhouette I needed to be selective with the colours that I chose due to the limitation of the amount of colours that you can use per t-shirt design; light coloured t-shirts can have up to 6 colours whereas darker t-shirts can have 5 colours. As long as the iconic red and purple shade of her dress were accurate the rest of the colours would work and be recognisable by the audience. I then began to outline the individual parts of the silhouette with the colours that I had chosen from the original character sheets that were in 'The Art of Kiki's Delivery Service' book. This book was helpful through out the process through the use of inspiration from the character design sheets and the concept art in which helped me to generate ideas for the final design, including the layout and position of the design.  Ensuring that each coloured outline were on separate layers, I created a new layer in which I used the magic wand tool to select the outlined areas to then modify the selected area by 2 pixels before filling the area with the pain bucket tool. I always ensure to modify the selection as it stops the problem of having a pixelated edge around the area that you have selected.

I found the detail of the broom still the most difficult part of the process, as I needed to make sure that the fingers were detailed in shape and the colour of the white made it difficult to see if I had filled in all of the area of the broom between the fingers. In order to solve this problem I quickly changed the colour of the white to a darker shade whilst I coloured the broom.

Outlining the main shape before filling in with colour on the next layer
Progress of the design so far

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