Sunday, 8 March 2015

Kikis delivery service: Final design and adding mock t-shirt to website

The final design for the Kiki's Delivery Service t-shirt design was successful through the use of the silhouette and the use of colour within the composition. The blocks of colour make it easy for the audience to see the pose and the dynamics of the design as well bringing an appealing aesthetic to the overall form of the piece. I felt that this design would work well with the addition of the character Jiji's eyes to be shown on the piece as it helps to identify the cat. Without the use of the eyes Jiji is lost and looks more like a shadow rather than a character within the design.

Final design

Using the same layout as the Space Dandy design that I had submitted to the site previously, I kept the same gradient background that used shades of blue to match with a night sky to enhance the illusion of the design flying and chose two colours of t-shirts in which it could be printed upon. I chose two colours through the feedback I obtained from my peers. The feedback stated that the t-shirt needed to be a lighter shade that would compliment the design with the azure blue shade of shirt being the best choice as it works with the theme of the composition. However I felt that a darker shade of shirt is the most commonly brought as darker shades tend to be worn with almost any other clothing compared to a lighter top. I did prefer the lighter t-shirt so I decided to put both of the t-shirts on the final mock up design so that the audience could see and chose what they would prefer. For the thumbnail I rotated the design sightly so that the image could be seen clearly and the audience could tell what was happening in the icon; I kept a matte dark blue for the icon so that the image would stand out to the viewer. 

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