Sunday, 8 March 2015

Kiki's delivery service: Development work

Using inspiration from the visual mood board created for the Studio Ghibli t-shirts from other popular artists on Qwertee, I decided to create a t-shirt using Kiki's Delivery Service as inspiration. I chose this theme as this animated feature is my favourite from the Studio Ghibli series and I felt that I would be able to create something for my portfolio using this as inspiration as well. I first began sketching the main character Kiki and her cat Jiji by drawing her face, profile and portrait so that I could begin to generate ideas. As soon as I drew her full portrait I realised that I had made her curvy and looking older than she actually is, through how tall and structured her body was. I needed to make her body shape quite straight with no curves and shorter to make her appear to be the age that she is in the animated feature. I did however like the profile as it worked well with the the style of the eyes however I would need to develop this further as I believe that having her looking up would work better than looking down as it makes her look deep in thought which most likely wouldn't work well as a t-shirt design on Qwertee.

I wanted to draw the other main character,  Tombo for inspiration in which I could possibly incorporate him within the design. I mainly drew Tombo's face as it helped me to understand the style in which he is drawn, which rely on contours of the face and exaggerated squash and stretch of the jaw as the character laughs. I enjoyed drawing his character as it was different to what I normally draw and the use of the squash and stretch made me realise that I needed to absorb this into my own work. I then incorporated Tombo in the design with him riding on his bike along side Kiki as she walked with her broomstick next to him. I felt that this worked well however I felt that it would be too complicated to submit to Qwertee. I learnt from the previous submissions, the Space Dandy designs, that the silhouette was more successful than the detailed version. In order to apply what I have learnt from this feedback I needed to create a silhouette design for the Kiki's Delivery Service theme. After drawing the character Kiki flying on her broomstick with her cat, I felt that this would work well if I developed this pose further, to capture a dynamic movement for the pose would work well on a t-shirt. 

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